Jim's latest book is The Bloody Eleventh: A Regimental History. Released on November 1st 2015 it is flying off the shelves on Amazon.com! Regimental histories have always been popular with Civil War enthusiasts, and this one really hits the mark. Loaded with over 80 period photos and 30 battle maps, it makes it easy to follow along with this amazing story. 

The Kindle edition has a special bonus section with additional pictures and maps that aren't in the print edition! 


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"This book is not the usual Civil War soldier book filled with dry facts and figures. This book is a fantastic story about a soldier who had a remarkable military service and went on to do great things afterward. This book is great for the hardcore Civil War buff and the newbie as well, or anyone interested in Washington County, PA. There are small, fun stories sprinkled throughout the book, told by a member of the 11th Pennsylvania, that really add to the enjoyment. There are areas that tell lots of information that you don't find in most Civil War books, that help the novice understand exactly what's going on and why. The hardcore buff will enjoy the details presented.
Having the battles mostly as told by the men who were there was an interesting way of telling that part of the story. The author backs up his facts with pages of endnotes. I don't want to give too much away, but this story would make a great TV miniseries. It's unbelievable that the Major is unknown today. There should be a statue of him somewhere."


 Great Read! 5 Stars! 

We are using this book in our AP United States History course. This is a wonderful account of a man who was a hero, yet has not been recognized for his great and positive efforts in our local community's storied history. 


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"As a longtime fan of the Civil War and as a lover of personal tales in wartime this book hits a sweet spot for me."


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