Born To Serve Used in History Class

We are pleased to announce that Born To Serve, The Major A. G. Happer Story will be used this fall by Washington High School of Washington, PA in their well regarded AP/College in High School U.S. History class, taught by Mr. Jeff Bunner who is the Social Studies Department Leader. All of the students have been given a copy. "I purchased Born to Serve for all my students because it's a great book with a local connection." Mr Bunner continues. "I will ask my students to help make Major Happer's story more well known to our local people in the hope that some formal recognition and/or monument will be made to cite his contributions to this city. This will be a special project for my students." 


I am honored to have been invited to visit with the class later this fall and cannot wait to see these young people. I will be assisting these folks any way I can, in their efforts to see that Major Happer receives the credit he so richly deserves. It is a humbling experience for me to think that Mr Bunner thinks so highly of my book that he has undertaken this effort. It's things like this that make the four years of work that went into this book, so worthwhile. I thank him and Washington High School for taking an interest in the forgotten Major Happer, and our country's rich Civil War history.