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Readers! Today we would like to officially announce an upcoming new release by our Best Selling author Jim Douglas! 


After not one, but two top ten Best Sellers, Born To Serve, The Major A G Happer Story and The Bloody Eleventh, he has just about finished his latest and he says by far his best work, Scamps, Scoundrels & Heroes, The exploits of the Civil War Veterans of Washington County, PA. 


The hard cover book tells in great detail the wartime and post war adventures of a select group of veterans who had amazing lives. Jim has taken great pains to research each of their stories in detail, providing documented tales of the lives of some of the most interesting characters you will ever read about. Jim follows his subjects across the entire country as they go about their lives after the war and encounter situations that will entertain the reader from start to finish. 


So, be on the lookout for further updates here and also on Jim's social media platforms on Instagram, MeWe, and Gab. We're way behind due to the Covid-19  situation, but we are hoping for an early Summer release. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the actual release date!