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Plum Run Press is pleased to announce the latest title from Civil War non-fiction  author Jim Douglas. It's called "The Bloody Eleventh,"  A Regimental History. It's a companion book to his previous title, "Born To Serve, The Major A. G. Happer Story." The Bloody Eleventh is the history of the Eleventh Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. 

The author takes the original, long forgotten book written in 1867 by the regimental Chaplain, the Reverend William H. Locke, and artfully adds his own unique style of eloquence to reveal some of the bigger picture, without ruining the original. Douglas also has added over eighty period images from the Library of Congress showing the places that the regiment traveled and fought, although there were a few places where suitable images weren't available. Also, he inserted thirty battle maps showing the movement of the troops so as to allow the reader to easily follow along with the narrative.

This book is a real page turner and is the perfect blend of hard core war stories and the many, sometimes humorous human interest stories that are sprinkled throughout the book. A very good book to relax with. 


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The Kindle version has a section with bonus pictures and maps that aren't in the print version, the maps are in color. Also a free bonus chapter from the author's first book, Born To Serve: The A. G. Happer Story.



Back Cover Blurb

 From the author of Born To Serve: The Major A. G. Happer Story comes the engaging history of Major Happer's regiment, The Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, the "Bloody Eleventh." One of the hardest fighting and most famous regiments in the Army of the Potomac. The regimental Chaplain, the Reverend William H. Locke had faithfully kept a diary of the daily events of the regiment. Soon after the war, he wrote the official regimental history. 

     Lost in time, the story had passed into legend with the men who lived it. Author Jim Douglas has brought it back to life. Keeping Chaplain Locke's easy to read story as it was written, he has masterfully inserted his own augmentations as warranted. With the addition of over 80 Civil War images and 30 battle maps, the reader can easily follow along where the regiment was, and actually see what the area looked like when the men of the Eleventh were there. 

     As a companion book to Born To Serve, the reader can now see what Major Happer and the rest of the regiment saw. Attack with the Bloody Eleventh as they charge into the cornfield at Antietam; face Stonewall Jackson's Corps again at Fredericksburg and  Chancellorsville. At Gettysburg, go forward with these gallant men on Oak Ridge, and stand ready with them on Cemetery Ridge during Pickett's Charge. Struggle in the Wilderness at the Tapp Farm. Assault the Rebel works at Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Hatcher's Run, Weldon Railroad and Petersburg. Relive the war's end with the men at Five Forks and the surrender at Appomattox, and fall into step with the proud survivors of the Bloody Eleventh, on their victorious march home. 

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